Homeschool Highlights – The Week With the Big Concert

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Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

Death Wish coffee seems appropriate for the time of year, and because I needed some extra caffeine this week!
Homeschool news  . . . This was another week with family here visiting, so Kennady got a bit of a pass on schoolwork. Not much though! She still had a lot of reading to do for History class, a couple of writing assignments, and all her French and Speech homework. She did get all of it done, with the exception of finishing the book assigned in History. But the teacher didn’t read it either, so the discussion of the book is postponed until next week’s class. (The teacher is me, by the way.) Anyway, it appears the only subject that is suffering because of grandparents being more important than school is Math, and honestly it would have suffered no matter what!

Other news . . . We’d sort of hoped to go to the B&O Museum on Saturday, but decided that it wasn’t a good day for us so we looked for something a little closer to home and requiring a bit less time. To our amazement, when asked for ideas of what they would like to do, the kids expressed interest in going to an antique mall. This from children who used to moan and complain about how b-o-r-i-n-g it was when the hubster and I browsed antique malls occasionally when they were younger. So anyway, that’s what we did on Saturday afternoon – explored an antique mall not too far away from us. The boys headed home because Landon had a Civil Air Patrol event to get to, but Kennady stayed with her parents and grandparents and got treated to a very nice buffet dinner too!

Sunday was pretty relaxed, which was a good thing, because we’ve been running all week! On Monday evening, Kennady and I attended the first of the grad planning meetings. Whaaaaaat???? Our homeschooling days will soon be drawing to a close. Not sure I’m ready.

Along with all the usual busy-ness, Kennady and I had a really special day planned on Wednesday. She and I picked up her two friends in the late afternoon and we made our way to DC for a twenty one pilots concert! Another Year of Music goal met! It’s been a pretty great couple of months for Kennady as far as live music. She’s seen her two favorite musical groups live and had awesome “seats” for both. (Pentatonix was the other one – if you remember, we originally had seats in the stands, but Kennady was offered passes for the pit, so we were right up front for that!) We had floor tickets for twenty one pilots, so we were pretty close to all the action! (Unfortunately, there were a fair number of rude and inconsiderate people, so we had to endure smelly jerks getting in our personal space and took the risk of folks not really being in control of the adult beverages they were waving about as they “sang” along. )

What’s Important . . . this challenge and prayer, especially for the young adults. Put your name in the place of “man of God”.

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