Homeschool Highlights – The Week With One Extra Hour and Lots of Extra Work

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Homeschool news  . . . We did our best to get back to normal after the family visit of the past couple of weeks, but still found that we were scrambling to get everything done. Somehow Kennady managed to get all her French homework done, complete her Writing assignments, and do all the reading for History class. Well . . . probably not all the reading. I don’t think she finished Davy Crockett. Our two usual at-homeschool days were interrupted by other activities, so overall I’m not disappointed with the week’s results.

We also had to make a special shopping trip so she could turn the above collection of confetti from the concert last week into the souvenir jewelry below.

Other news . . . Early on Saturday morning, the hubster and I drove my folks to the airport, and stopped for breakfast on our way home. By the time we got back to the house, the boys were gone on a camping trip. Yes, a camping trip in November. And it was a cool, rainy weekend too. I took Kennady to do some shopping in the afternoon and then delivered her and a friend to a sleepover. Both the campout and the sleepover were sponsored by the new young adult group at church. The young men (or Big Boys Doing Big Boy Stuff, as they like to refer to themselves) went on a campout, and the young ladies had a sleepover. Since we were on our own at home, the hubster and I treated ourselves to Chinese takeout for dinner.

Of course, we were on worship team on Sunday, so I had to drive out and pick Kennady up in time for that. Even with the “extra” hour of sleep, I was plenty tired and slept most of Sunday afternoon!

It was a busy workweek, as I agreed to work an extra day. We are down a manager at the coffee roastery so I filled in the full day this week, and will probably work an extra half day every week through the end of the year. While I’m happy for the extra income, it’s hard to be out another day.

Kennady and I also gave up our afternoon at home on Tuesday. Our church just welcomed a new Children’s Pastor and her family, and they arrived on Tuesday morning. Since there are two teen daughters in the family, Kennady and I offered to take them out for ice cream that afternoon. The older girl accepted our offer so we went for a drive, got pie and ice cream, and got to know each other a little bit.

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