All Songs Sound the Same (SONG RUDIMENTS)

Have you ever noticed how many songs seem to sound the same? A lot of songs will often share similar chord movements, they�ll share nearly the same structure and they will often share the same scales. It�s extremely common to find this happen in music, especially in popular music. But why is this – and what can we learn from it?

In order for you to gain the necessary skills to learn songs by ear, it is important to be able to understand what to listen for. In this lesson, I�m going to focus on three areas that you need to start getting really tuned into.

These areas include; chords, scales and rhythm. Once you can learn to notice the ways that each of these musical ideas are used in popular music, you�ll find it a lot easier to learn songs by ear and you�ll be able to learn songs by ear much faster too.


For most guitar players, one of the first things that we tend to focus in on are the chords in a song. Guitar players like to know what the chords are as quickly as we can, because that way we can back up singers, play with other instruments, and just plain old understand where the song is going, (especially if there�s singing involved).

So, you�ve got to understand that most songs operate around very similar group of chord movements. These will include; the �I-IV-V,� the �I-VI-IV-V,� and the �I-III-VI-IV-V.� Play through each of these in the key of �C Major� for you, so that you can hear what they sound like�

The �I-IV-V

The �I-VI-IV-V


The “IV-Chord,” often swaps out with the “II-Chord”

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